Bridal Show Email Bundle by Emily Matras

Bridal Show Email Bundle

6 done-for-you emails to convert your new bridal show leads into real, live travel clients

Finally, make your next bridal show *worth it*

You invest your marketing dollars in your trade show booth ...

Schlep all your materials across town ...

Spend hours sharing your knowledge with eager brides-to-be ...

... only to get a handful of honeymoons or destination weddings out of it all (some from the kinds of clients you wish you never said "yes" to in the first place!).

That all changes with the Bridal Show Email Bundle.

This follow up email campaign is designed to take your new subscribers from lead to real, live client quicker than a shotgun wedding ;)

Let's Unwrap the Bundle: Here's What You Get

  • 6 Done-for-You Emails that build trust, establish your expertise, and spur your new prospects to book a consult call with you asap—simply copy and paste each email into your own email marketing system
  • A pdf guide that shows you exactly how to customize each email so the marketing messages feel true to you
  • A video walkthrough that reveals the strategy behind each email and shares additional tips on how to integrate the email bundle into your existing campaign (if you already have one)

Who This Bundle Is PERFECT For

  • Romance travel specialists and travel agents who plan destination weddings and honeymoons (the emails will refer to both)
  • Agents who already have an email marketing system (like MailChimp or ConvertKit) and feel comfortable setting up an email campaign inside it—if you haven’t done this before, your email marketing system should have a tutorial for you!
  • Folks who are willing to customize the campaign to their businesses—I’ll show you exactly how to do this in the accompanying video
  • Agents who are allergic to “buy from me-me-me” marketing … and instead, aren’t afraid to stand out with marketing that leads with empathy
  • Agents who don’t currently have a follow up campaign for bridal shows
  • Agents who DO have a follow up campaign but want better results (I’ll show you how to integrate the email bundle into your existing campaign)
  • Travel agencies comfortable using a warm, personal tone with their clients—a.k.a. these emails are conversational and fun, not stuffy!

What's included?

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Bundle of 6 Follow Up Emails
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PDF Guide: How to Customize Your Emails
161 KB
Video: Your Bridal Show Email Strategy, Explained
Bridal Show Bundle
50 mins

Meet Your Instructor, Emily Matras

As the owner of Bon Vivant Copy, Emily Matras teaches passionate travel pros how to attract their DREAM clients through the power of words. Her copywriting and content marketing insights have been shared from the stage on the screen through the Global Institute for Travel Entrepreneurs, The Travel Institute, The International Travel Agent Forum, Travel Weekly, and more. 


What's the refund policy?

Because this is an instantly downloadable product, there are no refunds. Please check out the "Who this is perfect for" section above to make sure this is the right product for you!

Can I edit these emails?

Yes! You can edit to your heart's content—and I encourage you to tweak the content so it fits your brand personality and speaks to your agency's specific needs. 

Do I need this if I already have a bridal show campaign?

That depends—is your current campaign doing a good job of converting your ideal clients? If not, you might want to try the Bridal Show Email Bundle; I even show you how you can integrate these new emails into your existing campaign.

Do you show me how to set up the emails?

I indicate a send time for each email, but there are not instructions on how to set up the email campaign inside your email marketing system—simply because every system is different. Your email marketing system should have a tutorial that walks you through how to set up an email campaign like this.

Can I share these emails with other agents?

No, your purchase grants you the right to use these emails for your own travel business—but you cannot share them with other travel agents or agencies. You can, however, reuse these emails as many times as you'd like as you attend different bridal shows!