Content Planning Masterclass by Emily Matras

Content Planning Masterclass

A step-by-step guide to planning your client-attracting content for the next 3 months

Got the Content Blues? Go from "OMG overwhelm" to "Oh YEAH I got this" in 2.5 hours flat.

I designed this 2.5-hour video training just for travel agents to help you plan out your content for the next business quarter—yes, 3 whole months!

We'll dive deep into the three types of content every travel agent needs to master: blogs, e-newsletters, and social media. Using The Snowball Effect, you'll learn how to create content that feeds off of one another, so you never have to start from scratch.  

What does your content plan look like?

If you're saying, "what plan?" Then you NEED this masterclass. 

In the training you'll discover:
  • The difference between content planning and content strategy ... and which step most travel agents skip
  • 4 dynamite blog post ideas—that other travel agents aren't using
  • A behind-the-scenes look at the content calendar I use in my own business (it's helped me grow my list by 300% this past year!) 
  • Why you abso-freaking-lutely should be sending out an e-newsletter—and how you can make the leap to once a week
  • A social media strategy that leverages your most powerful resource (one you might not even realize you have)

Inside, you'll also get:
  • 2 videos that walk you through how to plan out your content for your blogs, e-newsletters, and social media [that's 2.5 hours of training]
  • A downloadable content calendar template
  • A downloadable social media planning calendar
  • Access to the resource list that rounds up all the resources mentioned in the training

What Content-Slaying Masterclass Students Are Saying:

"A lifesaver/business booster!"

Because of this masterclass, I am now consistently sending out my e-zine, posting a blog, and uploading a vlog to YouTube every week! I use the content calendar to stay organized, and I recycle my content to work smarter, not harder. It's been a lifesaver/business booster!
Rita Perez, RitaVentures LLC
"Inquiries like CRAZY!"

I just spent the morning watching and taking notes on the Content Planning Masterclass - and WOW. I feel so inspired and full of ideas and not at all overwhelmed! The clear and easy way you outlined a content plan made me finally stop putting it off, and I'm spending the rest of this winter weekend curled up on the couch getting my content planned through this quarter! Thank you!

UPDATE: Inquiries like CRAZY since implementing what I learned in the Masterclass!
Kaytee Fisher, Malihini Travel
"Plan instead of panic"

Your Masterclass was powerful and gave me the confidence to go to a weekly zine! Your class takes all the mystery out of it, and helps me plan instead of panic.
Debra Harris, Life's Journey Travel

What's included?

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Part 1: Content Strategy and Blogging
Video 1
(1h 00m 50s)
Part 2: E-Newsletters, Social Media, and Calendars
Video 2
(1h 28m 40s)
Your Resources
Content Calendar Template [Excel File]
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Social Media Calendar Template - Generic Version [Excel File]
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Social Media Calendar Template - Emily's Version [Excel File]
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Resource List [PDF]
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What is the format of this training?

You'll get access to 2.5 hours of training, spread across two videos that feature a presentation and screen sharing, so I can walk you through the calendar templates. The first video is one hour long and the second is one and a half hours long—I wanted to give you a bathroom break ;)

You'll also be able to download the calendar templates I show you in the training and a resource list!

What is your refund policy?

This training comes with a 7-day no questions asked refund policy. If you didn't find the training helpful (maybe it's too advanced for you, or not advanced enough), just shoot me an email at within 7 days of purchasing the training and I'll refund you right away. 

Is this training right for me?

This training is designed for travel agents who own their own travel agency, either working alone or with a small team of ICs/employees. 

It's designed for folks who are familiar with content concepts like blogging, e-newsletters, and social media, but have trouble putting all the content pieces together. 

It doesn't matter if you're new to the industry or a veteran—if you've been struggling to get CONSISTENT with your content, this training will help. 

Meet Your Instructor, Emily Matras

As the owner of Bon Vivant Copy, Emily Matras teaches passionate travel pros how to attract their DREAM clients through the power of words. Her copywriting and content marketing insights have been shared from the stage on the screen through the Global Institute for Travel Entrepreneurs, The Travel Institute, The International Travel Agent Forum, Travel Weekly, and more.